Hello, fellow Treecastle-lovers!


Well, now that the page's almost ;) complete, it's about time there was some word about it.

The Treecastle is a (sub-)project of a few Planeshift fans, which want to improve the Planeshift world with a magical place, where creatures roam and plants grow, which don't exist in any other part of the world. Under the magnificent Tree all animals and races live in peace and harmony ...but there's something wrong with the whole image, a detail that can spoil it all ...and someone has to get to the bottom of it.


The news script now fully works, I've reposted all the old news item to test it's functionality and there seem to be no problems. If you need to know the password, ask me on IRC.
- Axsyrus

Updated the Races section:

be sure to check it out ;-)
- hook

As you see, we've got a new nice host: the sourceforge.net

Well, I've taken some time to do it, but here it is: a whole new, improved look of the Treecastle homepage :)

Now All of the sub-pages work :D ...not all have any great entries yet, but at least all are up

The forums are up and you can see a nice link to it in every page that has a forum. If you click on that link it'll send you directly to the (sub)forum or thread that's related to the topic you were just reading. Handy, isn't it? ;)

Apart from that we now have a (new) IRC channel: #planeshift-treecastle on the irc.freenode.net server.

Also as you see from the W3C tags at the bottom of the page, I tidied up the code. Now it should run perfectly in all browsers that I could have thought of.
- hook

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